Our Team


Ocean Block Capital is a privately held real estate company based in New York, NY. Our portfolio consists of a diverse grouping of properties located in 36 states within the US across seven sectors of business that include pharmacies, quick-service restaurants, auto service, fast food, distribution, manufacturing, and medical office. Our headquarters are located in the Nomad section of Manhattan on the corner of 28th Street & Madison Avenue.

Name Title Phone Email
Joe Ricciuti Managing Partner 646-690-9779 jr@oceanblockcapital.com
Michael Kyriak Asset Manager 646-225-4040 michael@oceanblockcapital.com
Rohit Fernandes Data and Digital Marketing Manager 646-690-9779 rohit@oceanblockcapital.com
Quinn Morris Senior Acquisitions Associate 646-876-5657 quinn@oceanblockcapital.com
Zach Lesko Senior Acquisitions Associate 646-779-1361 zach@oceanblockcapital.com
Ben Lipscomb Acquisitions Associate 646-779-1362 ben@oceanblockcapital.com
Andrej Bogdanovics Acquisitions Associate 646-878-6065 andrej@oceanblockcapital.com
Chris Conley Acquisitions Associate 646-688-4359 chris@oceanblockcapital.com
Will Morris Acquisitions Associate 646-843-9730 will@oceanblockcapital.com

If you’re interested in discussing your asset, please contact our acquisitions team at

(646) 690-9779